Note: Thank you for your interest in SU ADVANCE, our NSF funded Institutional Transformational Grant which ended September 30, 2017. The pages that follow are historical documents for informational purposes only.

SU ADVANCE plays a vital role in transforming the campus through its four key programmatic initiatives, each built from the perspective that social networks can be mobilized to address persistent inequities and foster inclusion. Explore the specific programs that enable SU ADVANCE to facilitate change through social networks below.


Four key programmatic initiatives are:

  • The Corridor Initiative: programs designed to facilitate information flow about entreprenurial opportunities and to leverage weak ties that can connect women to productive interdisciplinary and cross-sector (academy-industry-community) research partnerships.
  • The Networking Initiative: programs facilitating stronger, multi-node network ties among women faculty.
  • The Recruiting Initiative: programs designed to encourage faculty ownership for building a diverse faculty through enhanced outreach within and beyond their already existing network of colleagues.
  • The Practices Initative: programs that encourage the diffusion of information and attitudes about how an inclusive, diverse faculty positively impacts overall academic excellence.

The fifth initiative, The Social Sciences Research Initiative, will contribute to better understanding of how social networks can facilitate career development of STEM faculty.