Internal Advisory Council

The purpose of the Internal Advisory Council is twofold. First, the council shall provide input and feedback to guide the executive director and the ADVANCE team on the planning and execution of the project. Second, as representatives of key departments and constituencies across campus, council members shall bring information and knowhow back to their respective communities in an effort to support the project's goals.


Meera Adya, Director of Research, Burton Blatt Institute

Kal Alston, Professor, Education; Senior Vice President for Human Capital Development

Shobha Bhatia, Meredith Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Mark Bowick, Professor, Physics

Pamela Brandes, Associate Professor, Management 

Shiu-Kai Chin, Professor, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Helen Doerr, Meredith Professor, Teaching and Leadership Programs and Mathematics

Martha Garcia-Murillo, Professor, Information Studies

Marie Garland, Executive Director

Julie Hasenwinkel, Associate Dean for Student Affairs & Professor, Biomedical and Chemical Engineering

Chris Johnson, Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Alan Levy, Professor, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Elizabeth Liddy, Dean & Trustee Professor, Information Studies

M. Cristina Marchetti, William R. Kenan, Jr. Professor, Physics

Chilukuri Mohan, Interim Dean, College of Engineering and Computer Science

Ramesh Raina, Associate Professor & Chair, Biology

Karin Ruhlandt, Dean, College of Arts and Sciences & Distinguished Professor, Chemistry

James T. Spencer, Meredith Professor, Chemistry

Jeffrey Stanton, Associate Provost for Academic Affairs and Professor, Information Studies

Laura Steinberg, Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Patricia Stith, Assistant Provost for Equity and Inclusion