Visiting Researcher Program

March 25-26, 2013

Earlier this spring SU ADVANCE had the privilege of hosting Dr. Azar Alizadeh, as part of the Visiting Researcher Program. Dr. Alizadeh is a material scientist at GE Global Research in Niskayuna, NY. She holds a Ph.D. in Physics and began her work at the research center in September of 2000 after a postdoc at Virginia Tech. Dr. Alizadeh is part of the Engineered Materials Chemistry & Physics Organization at GE.

The Visiting Researcher Program plays an important role in ADVANCE’s Corridor Initiative. The goal of this initiative is to engage STEM women in cross-sectional (academia-industry-community) partnerships, which can often begin with visits such as this one from Dr. Alizadeh.

Dr. Alizadeh was invited to campus by Dr. Shikha Nangia, Assistant Professor of Biomedical and Chemical Engineering, and spent most of her time on campus meeting one-on-one with faculty with similar research interests and discussing possible future industry-academe collaboration. ADVANCE hosted a small luncheon for Dr. Alizadeh with female STEM faculty members, as well as a presentation by Dr. Alizadeh, "Block Copolymer Enabled Optoelectronic Devices and Application," for faculty and students.

Dr. Alizadeh's visit also included a breakfast with FPP students, organized by Sharon Alestalo, Program Manager for WiSE and SU ADVANCE. Alestalo enjoys planning these meetings between graduate students and visiting researchers. ”It is important for women in STEM doctoral studies to be engaged with women STEM faculty and professional researchers” says Alestalo, adding that such meetings help new scientists and engineers “understand the full range of options they have available to them as they mold their career and personal lives.”  The students particularly enjoyed this visit from Dr. Alizadeh, commenting on how impressed they were with her commitment to work/life balance. They enjoyed learning more about different paths within industry, rather than the industry versus academia.

For more information about the visiting researcher program, or to inquire about hosting a researcher yourself, please contact SU ADVANCE Executive Director, Marie Garland.

visiting researcher
Dr. Azar Alizadeh speaks with female STEM faculty members
during her campus visit in March 2013, as part of the Visiting
Researcher Program.