Faculty Mentoring in a Networked World

SU ADVANCE is happy to share these mentoring and networking resources with you. After gathering feedback from multiple campus constituencies, we developed these resources as a compilation of "best practice" information for developing strong mentoring relationships as well as resources and tools that bring the ideas associated with developmental networks - a specific kind of mentoring - to life.

What will you find here?

Tools and information for developing, supporting, and leading mentoring

  • For those working toward a career goal, use the information resources and tools to identify and leverage your strengths, to guide your thinking when setting goals, to identify key players in your developmental network, and how to manage the network relationships that will contribute to career success.
  • Those who provide support through mentoring will also find the information and tools useful.  These resources can help you think about navigating differences, clarifying expectations,identifying your skills in the mentoring arena, and keeping track of the service you provide in developing others.
  • Finally, academic leaders will find the overall discussion of program assessment strategies for guiding a positive mentoring climate useful.

Information Resources

Best practice information in the world of mentoring and developmental networks

The background information section of the Mentoring Toolkit is forthcoming and will be available here soon.  If you'd like to be notified when it is posted, or to receive a copy, please leave us a note.


Downloadable PDFs that you can fill in, print, and use as helpful.

*Depending on what version of Adobe you have, you may be able to fill in these forms electronically before printing or you may need to print them first and then fill them out manually.

DEVELOPING: For those pursuing a goal ("mentees")

Recognizing and Leveraging your strengths

Goal Development By Domain

Developmental Network Plan

Developmental Network Plan Progress Review

Essential Conversations Tracking

SUPPORTING: For those who provide assistance ("mentors")

Mentorship Agreement

Documenting Mentoring Activities

Mentor Readiness Inventory

LEADING: For those trying to transform department or unit practice on mentoring

Leadership Decision Matrix - Taking it to Next Level